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HAI is a modern B-t-B company with Northern Europe's broadest range of aluminum surface treatment. The coating is called anodizing and involves the technical processes anodizing and chromatization. The company acts as a 100% subcontractor to the aluminum industry, to the offshore and pharmaceutical industries, the defense, the construction and transport sectors, etc. The aluminum profiles are delivered from customers, after which they are cleaned, degreased and surface treated. Upon completion of the surface treatment, the aluminum profiles are returned to another subcontractor for further processing or to the final customer. The purpose of anodizing is to strengthen the surface of the aluminum profiles, resulting in increased durability and usefulness in the use of the products. The anodizing also has a decorative purpose. HAI was founded in 1913, but today it stands as a modern and innovative company in constant development. The company has 70 years of experience in the surface treatment of aluminum. Read more about HAI at www.hai.dk